Pretty Girl Lake Camp

Local photographer Douglas Ludwig and girlfriend Ocean Simone Shine dish on their latest Pretty Girl Lake getaway. This exclusive Atleo Air camp is true luxury camping.  Imagine sharing a beautiful remote location solely with the people that you decide to be there.  This fully equiped camp will provide you with a life changing experience.

Douglas: I’ve always heard about Pretty Girl Lake being this magical place so I was naturally stoked when I won the Atleo Air photo contest the previous year.  My girlfriend has lived in Tofino for many years and has always wanted to go. It was kind of a dream come true opportunity for us both.

Ocean: The flight to Pretty Girl Lake is so special because it is only accessible by air and only if Mother Nature parts the clouds to allow you access to her lovely shores.  Both Douglas and I have flown over this area several times but you forget. You forget how wild this place is. You forget about the color of the ocean from the air…the curve of the valleys. Flying over these precious forests inspires awe. It’s impossible to express the sublime beauty of this place. It brought me to tears.

Douglas: Yes the journey there makes you grossly aware of the sheer isolation of the place. The camp is what I would call deluxe. There is a sizable deck perfect for lounging or yoga. A gorgeous hand split cedar dock for fishing from. We loved the funky driftwood bed with thick foamies and the hand crafted table polished with beeswax. We lit candles and created a beautiful glow inside the canvas tent and the wood stove is enough to keep you toasty till morning even on a crisp fall night. Did I mention the out-house? It’s something worth mentioning with it’s forest and lake view. I really loved the fact there was zero possibility other campers would be there. We were guaranteed solitude.

Ocean:  Its tough to pick a ‘most special part of our stay’ as Pretty Girl Lake is an “experience”. It has a mysterious way of bringing you back to what is real. Frivolous thoughts fall away. Your senses are heightened. Things that are important shine brightly like the company you keep and the basics such as stoking the fire for warmth …catching dinner. Hmmmm I loved seeing Douglas crawl out of bed, walk to the shore and catch breakfast on the first cast. All I can say is “Fish Naked”.

Douglas: Go with your loved ones. Go with your friends, take your children. Just go. Pretty Girl Lake will love you.

Gorgeous photos, no? You can check out a whole whack of Mr.Ludwig’s diverse photos on his website If you are in the Tofino area check out his work and other local artists during Jingle into Christmas.

Wondering what caliber of photo wins an Atleo Air photo contest? This does.


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